Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Thoughts at 1:33am

Well, funny how it comes to be 133 in the morning and I'm awake! I so tired and I am just sitting here listening to my roommate talk to his friend in his room! It's great. Now don't get me wrong I really don't care.

Just throwing in a pic of a Guatemalan door that I really liked:

Anyway, I just want to get this out, I am voting for Barrack Obama, and yes in this case and maybe for the rest of my life will be a liberal Democrat, and I'm ok with that.

Now that's out of the way I also wanted to express my frustration about my job... I hate it. I really want to quit, luckily I'll have that chance soon. On Monday I have an interview with Delta Air Lines and I can't wait! It is going to be so good!

Tomorrow I have to go to my humanities class and honestly my teacher is the biggest tree huger and is so annoying. I honestly cant stand it sometimes. Oh and she wastes class time... all the time, like the other day 30 min trying to get the projector to work, yeah it never did!

And one last thing I'm headed to St. George tomorrow to watch Carolyns game. I'm excited to see her, as well as go camping and rock climbing with Peter! It will be a great little vacation that I'll get paid for!

Monday, April 28, 2008

This is the life! So here I am sitting in my bed at 12pm and I say to Matt, "So what do you say about us going to the pet store to get a snake!" He replies "Ok". So that was it, the next day we go to the pet store and get a snake! Not just any snake a FRIGIN Colombian Red Tail Boa! Don't worry they aren't dangerous...

So, where I'm going with this is today... Me and Paul come home from work and I go over to the tank to show Paul our new snake, he hasn't seen it yet. I say hey Paul check out the snake... so I open the lid and go to grab the snake... but it wasn't there! I look everywhere and couldn't find him. So Paul picks up his den and shakes it around and nothing... so he reaches his hand in and just as he is doing that he sees the snake. It was hiding on the top of the mushroom shaped "hide" crazy...

So it wasn't that funny but I'm sure that there will be more and more funny story's to tell about our snake Herman!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Early october snow!

Well It surely is now time for yet another perplexing blog by me... YOUR SON!

What your not excited.... Whatever!

So just the other day I went up to Alta Ski Resort, and well, it was amazing. Quite the experience! We started up the canyon at about 5:45 or so... thats in the PM (you have to read that emphasizing the P, it sounds better). We got about half way and we were driving through the snow, when we got about a mile from the resort we were driving through the snow. I got kinda nervous, but I didn't say that out loud because I didn't want to make my passenger any more scared than she already was.

We finally got up there and, well, I really didn't know where to park so I pulled over at the most secure place i could... the side of the road... whatever. We geared up and went out to board, we ended up walking for like an hr until we came to a hill. Walking up the hill I wondered to myself if this really was worth it, while "she" was saying out loud what I was thinking. Well after the hike we finally got to the top of this little hill, we strapped in and went down at amazing speeds! More or less, actually it was more less than more, in fact I went so fast I slowly came to a stop mid hill... wow (you have to read that "wow" unenthusiastically).

We got to the bottom of that hill and found out that it was not worth it going back up so we started walking to another hill that we saw further up the base of the resort. So off we went... and went... and went... and went.. It frigin took like 5 hrs to get to that hill and the snow was like a foot deep so we were in it. Finally we got to the base of the next hill and started hiking up, the whole time I was saying "man this is awesome aren't you glad that we came up here?!?!" This is while I was saying to myself that this was stupid and not worth it, and her expressing my thoughts vocally... Ok so it wasn't that bad, but it felt like it. Finally reaching the top we strap in and 10 seconds later we were at the bottom! It was amazing, yep every second, the whole ten of them! There was so much powder that we couldn't go that fast, we just coasted to a stop.

Oh but thats not all we had to hike back up... but this time up to the road, which was like another 100 yards up, it was an ok walk; but not only did we have to walk up to the road we had to walk back to the car which was down the road a little ways, all this in the stupid snow storm... I tried to board down but that didn't work.

Now getting back down to the valley was even more interesting! In the car we couldn't see 15 feet ahead of us. I was kinda scared but I couldn't tell her that, finally a truck with 4 wheel drive came up, passed us and we followed them all the way down. It made me feel a lot better.

The moral of the story: Go out to the tops of the mountains and have a bundle of FUN!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shampoo and other crap

I had a question about blogging/forums the other day. It was for an interview the guy asked me if I had blogged at all or that if I was a member of a forum... well I was able to say that I was (unfortunately) a blogger.

Well now that has nothing to do with what I was really going to say....

So I was reading King Fairbanks blogg and well he was taking about shampoo and something else about chivalry and gays... I'm not too sure how you put those together... Anyway, there are times in life that you need to wash your body. Sometimes you need to so that you smell good for the lady friends, sometimes because you just smell band and can't stand it yourself, and sometimes because your just plain dirty (which is 90% of the time why we wash ourselves).

Well now that brings up a curious topic! Sneakyness, the best thing that you can do is be sneaky! If you cant be, well it's just your just a loss. There is no way that you can get through life with out being at least a little sneaky!

Sorry back to the topic on hand..... wait one more thing, just because you stand up and look around for someone when you need some help doesn't mean that someone is just going to run their little buts over to you and ask you what they can do to help you out, or what your stupid little question is. Life/work doesn't work like that.

Oops sorry I did it again and... aaaahhhhh... every time I try to type this stupid blog I get a phone call; "this is J$#@N WHY ARE YOU CALLING".....

So where was I? riiight so shampoo, the king is right when he said that it was just to get the poo off you head. . . . well he didn't really say that. It was actually first used during the medieval times, by the guys that worked in the basement of the castle. They would have to shovel the crap away from the "crappiss" chutes and sometimes they would get some of that... well you know... on their heads so they invented Shampoo; Sham because the would use the shammers; they do the shoveling, and poo, well because they would wash their hair that had poo all over it. So King you were close but not that close.

Now a little more about that, well shampoo that is. Vitamins and amino acids make up the body's proteins and enzymes. So vitamins can get through your thick head But there is no way that an amino acids, or a proteins is going to get through. Its like trying to get a 500 lbs guy into the driver of a 1967 VW bug with 9 other people in it already... just not going to work. Now thats not even metioning the fact that they don't do anything for the dead cells, that also goes for the hair.

Now your hair is just a huge protein strand that is continually being added onto at the root. So the only way for an amino acid to be of any use is to be intentionally bound to other amino acids in a specific fashion by a LIVING cell; thats right I said LIVING CELL! HAIR IS NOT ALIVE (remember I said dead cells including hair)! So there is no possibility for an amino acid or protein to have any permanent effect on the health of the strand.

Now that said shampoo is pointless. I am never going to buy all 3 items again; shampoo, conditioner, and body wash! they all are the same!

Now I really am getting tired of watching this guy stand up every 2 secconds looking for some help. So if you could please excuse me I have some hazing to do!

faithfully yours

Your Son

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

work of a genius

I was sitting on at work the other day and I realized that everyone that I knew already had a blog... I said to myself that I would never start a blog and that it was honestly retarded! I know... I shouldn't say that word but I really don't care that much at all. Well to say the least I have just EATEN my own words, here I am sitting on my bed writing one of these stupid blogs.

Now if I ever get too ahead of you, or if I start getting to confusing for you, don't let me know because I really don't care very much at all; anyways they say that this bloging stuff is just for you anyway, and a good place to vent or whatever your supposed to do on these things right... whatever.

So I got a call today at work and this FREAK of a lady, with a New York accent, was on the other end of the call, and right off the bat I could tell that she was kinda pissed off. I couldn't quite tell why. I looked at the situation and well there was just no reason at all. It came down to our company sending out more gear than she ordered, If you ask me she should have kept the extra stuff we sent out and we would never have known, but she didn't. She was so pissed that she demanded a big discount. I just avoided that demand, and didn't give her anything. I mean honestly was I going to listen to her yell and complain, and still hook her up with a discount.... riiiight sure I was. I felt like just telling the lady to bug off and deal with it herself. That would have been funny though. Instead I just told to get the extra stuff back to us and we won't charge her for it, hahaha I didn't say that either.

Moral of the story, If you call up a company and want to get something out of them don't be angry, in a hurry, or demanding. I would invite politeness, honesty, and well you can ask for stuff too.

One more thing! Nothing... Nevermind